We are currently selecting work from both new and established writers. We accept work that is both agented and unagented. 

We do not publish

  • Poetry
  • Non-fiction
  • Graphic novels
  • Interactive stories

We look for

  • Fiction - both YA, teens and adult categories
  • Serialised fiction (long and short form)
  • Novellas
  • Science Fiction / Fantasy
  • Thrillers
  • True Crime
  • Horror / Supernatural


Please note that we only review completed manuscripts—no samples, excerpts, or book proposals of any kind will be considered. Given the vast number of submissions we receive, it is not usually possible for us to respond individually. 



Submission Instructions:

Attn: Submission [Author’s Name]

Send your completed manuscript along with a brief letter that details your work and any credentials you want us to be aware of, as well as statement detailing why you believe Upturn Books to be the perfect publisher of your story, to the email address above. We do not accept submissions by fax or regular mail.

We are looking for fiction that is bold, highly creative, and with substantial potential to entertain and engage audiences. We emphasize that you should familiarise yourself with our titles before submitting anything.

Please note that the standard turn around time for editorial review and responses is 6-8 weeks, though it may be more depending on the time of the year and our current slate of manuscripts to review. Your work will be read as promptly as possible. 

Thank you for sending us your work. We hope as much as you do that together we might be a match made in heaven.