Founded in 2015, we are dedicated to championing visionary, transformative fiction that embodies the spirit of the profound and reverence for the ordinary. 


We’re excited by

stories that leave a mark, that stay with us long after we’ve read them.

We seek fiction that

upends tradition, gnaws at our cores and turns on lights we never knew exis­ted. 


We're reinventing the way stories reach audiences,

and the way books reach readers. 

Our ethos is simple

We believe in shifting the publishing landscape to help incredible stories get told. Working with with high-level talent in entertainment, editorial, and digital media, we upturn the status quo in order to bring the undiscovered to light.


Because great content demands to be shared, and great books demand to be read.

We help make that happen. 


Our methods are untraditional

Upturn is not your standard publishing company. We embrace reinvention and innovation, both in terms of our content and our business strategies.

Our editorial team selects content from both established and new authors. We aim to delight, inspire, and entertain with our choices.

Books are entertainment and we creatively leverage, emerging forms of digital and social media to connect readers with our titles.

We let readers run our production line, making books only when they are wanted either through print-on-demand or universal ebooks available through trusted storefronts.

Our methods suggest an alternative to traditional publishing, one that offers a fresh approach to the world of books for both writers and readers alike. We see our role in the future of publishing and we hope you will join us.



Alex Pettyfer
Actor, Director, Producer

Well known for his work in major Hollywood films including Stormbreaker, I Am Number FourLee Daniels' The Butler, Endless Love, Magic Mike, Elvis & Nixon and many others, Alex was keen to discover new content and be part of the process of bringing it to audiences. From there Upturn Productions, the film and TV side of Upturn, was born. Today, Upturn has a slate of exciting projects in the works and we're passionate about creating and publishing timeless stories that will endure the test of time.

Inspired by the idea of bringing undiscovered authors to the mainstream, he and his business partner, Craig Robinson formed Upturn Publishing and began seeking fiction from new and inspiring authors that could entertain audiences both on the page and on the big screen. Upturn Publishing's first title, a YA dystopian novel, Blood, Ink & Fire, reached Best Seller rankings on Amazon in 2016, with other exciting series set to follow in 2019. 

Be Part of Our Team

Upturn Publishing may be starting small, but the clue to our future success is all in the name. We work with top talent across spaces and industries and never stop searching for the next shoo-in. 

Who are we looking for?

We're interested in the best of the best, and namely, the following:

Book PR/Publicists

Social Media Influencers

Book Bloggers 

Twitter Tastemakers

Digital Marketing Gurus

Authors with a Story


Think our next collaboration should be with you?

Upturn Publishing is a division of Upturn Productions, LLC.